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X Japan


Invincible deluge evidence

I just cant stop telling people how great X-Japan was, it was a tragic to lose Hide *sighs* They were such an awesome visual rock band in the old days, no one could ever beat them! Glad they are deciding to gather up again and rock it again; even though Hide wont be there anymore.

Once again, this is a video which tribute Hide mainly, but i think it also is like a dedication to all the X-japan members (Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath and Hide.)

Photos of X-japan and Hide:






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Hihi all! This is Triangle’s first fashion diary in her entire life, plus an update blog for her soon will be launching fashion line a.k.a GHOST!

Horse race is still going on and i am still working in photoshop preparing things. *cries* There is one thing that i have to confess, actually i am a total dummy in photoshop and wordpress; i started this not long ago after i joined SL, how fun!

Anyway, that’s it for the first testing post! Ciao ❤

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