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Hi again, i come up with another release.

GHOST! – Babydoll is not dead yet

Yet again, another babydoll release, it comes with 2 version of skirt: first one is normal kind with neat edges; the other one is a longer version plus unbalance skirt form. As always, option layers for the top, glitch pants and bla bla bla.

mmm, babydoll (in anykind) is a big trend in SL and RL, it seriously wont die, i am sure about this O..O. But since i always end up doing babydoll for all the release so far, so i think i am starting to get bored of it. This will be the last babydoll dresses that i made at least for awhile.

All items are no Transfer Only.

This can be purchase either at my store at Aria Requiem or OnRez:



P.S: Main point is at the back, the back! ❤
Anywho, oh and also, i am trying to play with the ad look, want to make them look more finish and neat and absolutely like mine. So please dont mind if you find this one looks different than the others :/ more of differnt ones will be coming up as well 🙂
Yay! that’s it 🙂 Ciao ❤

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> 女方的家長為了讓女兒能夠完成學業後才嫁人,所以決定把她送去澳州留學。個男仔在女友臨離開前一晚上門找她,希望能見她一面,點知她的家長拒絕個男仔入門,最後個女仔奪門而出,同個男仔相相走上天台,然後對情侶決定一齊跳樓自殺,點知當他們起勢跳時,個男仔因為驚,無跳到,只係眼望女友跳左落樓,極哀傷地回望他,然後砰一聲,腦漿塗地!

> 個男仔當然好傷心,但係又無勇氣再去自殺,只係成日飲酒。
> o係個女仔死左七日後,個男仔夢見她滿面血漿返ο黎見他,話要他快D自殺,落去下面一齊生活!初時個男仔都以為自已發夢,點知日日都係發同一個夢,而且個女仔的樣子越來越恐怖,仲用手抓他,要拖他落下面,而一醒來就發現自已雙腳都有抓印!個男仔真係好驚,於是走去救一位道士幫助,道士話個男仔劫數難逃,個女仔o係尾七時一定會帶他走,現在只有個男仔能夠幫到自已,於是道士教他於尾七個晚十二時前一定要走落床下底,合上雙眼,聽到或感覺到任何o野都唔好開眼、開聲或離開,只要個女鬼找唔到他,這樣過左尾七,個女鬼就永遠唔可以再害他。
> 尾七個晚,個男照住道士教的走落床底,合上雙眼,直到十二時,他聽到一聲‘砰’,一聲‘砰’的聲響,由遠而近來到床邊,他知道係個女鬼到左,所以無開眼去睇,但他好奇怪,點解會係砰砰聲呢?雖然他真係好好奇,但道長講過的話,他仲記得,所以都無去睇係乜!
> 點知D聲到左床邊後就無左,時間一分一刻的過去,一小時,兩小時,都再無任何聲音,又大月旦又好奇的他,終於望出去,唔望都無事,一望之下,他發現果女仔∕鬼滿面鮮血、腦漿,用好憤恨的目光望向他,就係o禁個男仔活生生的被嚇死了!

> 點解個女鬼出現時會砰砰聲,而且又知道個男仔藏在床底下呢?如來個女仔係跳樓死的,所以她的鬼云亦以個頭來行路,用個頭來行路,所以隻女鬼睇到個男仔係床底…,一小時、兩小時,隻女鬼係o禁望住個男仔,你都咪話唔恐怖。

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yay! 嘩,尋日終於做左glam magzine個訪問;好緊張,但係又好好玩!!<3

希望我無講錯野啦! 點都好啦,完左lu. e家要做既就係一個plan, 首先就係要改下個logo同埋d廣告. 先前有人話我d野太似人地個d; 令我覺得唔係幾開心, 而且唔會係一個好既開始, 最唔鍾意同人比ga la.

所以我想改下個logo既font, 同埋廣告既格式; 應該可以再好d同似我既style多d! ^^然後就係要improve我d quality,由其係d seams位呀,同埋d shading同lighting part. 其他既野就等遲d先算啦,haha我唔係d咩會個曬plan既人,e家已經算好ga la. hehe x3


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 Yay! New release again at GHOST! ❤

This time is not for fabulous girls but for the guys, this release is my first garment for the male GHOST!’s line collection

Anyway, yes here it is:

GHOST! – M1 is a kind of motorcycler-like vest with 2 wearing options: One just the vest itself, the other one is wearing white-shirt underneath. It comes with high collars as well, there’s different jacket bottoms, i assume you can figure it out anyway.

Please keep in mind, this item only includes the vest and the white-shirt options, other accessories and clothes belongs to my model. Glad Lawless agreed to be the models for my ad, so i dont have to use the weird guy in my inventory.

All items are No Transfer Only.

You can purchase my items through my store at Aria Requiem:


 or on my OnRez Store:


Anyhow, i talked too much so just check out the photo:

That’s it for today, Thanks for reading

Yay! Goodnight and Bye ❤

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Yoho! Yes yes..its me again, having new release for GHOST! 3

So today I have GHOST! – Antique

[GHOST! – Antqiue] is a set of baby doll dresses with single strap sleeveless top (Yes, i LOVE single strap more than anything else), either wearing in single layer or double layer; mix and match, mix and match bla bla bla. Besides that, this is the first time that i used colors other than black, since the black version of Antique was a speical edition to the SHINE charity event^^with even more extra wearing options. And for these 2 dresses, i have improve the textures, as well as the cut for it.

You can purchase my items from my store at Aria Requiem:

Or from my OnRez Store as usual:)

So Let me show you the photos:
As always, its coming with different packs options.

GHOST! – Antique Kera ( Pink-ish dead red)

GHOST! – Antique Rott (Light green-ish blue)

GHOST! – Antique Combo ( Comes with both Kera and Rott colors)

After this release tonight, i wont be releasing that fast like i did before, i will try to work on everything slowly, so i get to improve the textures, constructions of my creations more^^.

That’s it! Good Night and Ciao! 3

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Hiya people! ^^ This time is a rather causal and simple release:

[GHOST! – Lag] is just a simple set of shinny middle unbalance sleevesless tops with black mini-skirt; the design for the tops totally gives a big boobs effect *me think*.

All comes with Jacket Layer (main), shirt and underhirt, which is good for mix and matching.

All items are no Transfer only.

There is different package:

First one is only included color Black (shadow).

Second pack comes with all two Black and Grey color (Shadow and Fade ), as well as a bonus color Red.

If you like it, you can purchase it from my in-world store at Aria Requiem:(SLURL here)


Or from my OnRez Store:^^


That’s it for tonight, another release coming tomorror *should.

Ciao and Good Night! ❤

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 Yay! Thanks to Raven and Aria! They offered me a vendor space to sell my stuff in-world at Raven’s Requiem now.

 So from now on, it would be much easier if you teleport in-world to my store straightaway and purchase my creations; rather than log-in to my OnRez store. If you prefer onrez, of course i am keeping my onrez store too.^^

GHOST!’s Inworld store space:


GHOST!’s OnRez store:


*I dont have specific working time in SL, so feel free to IM me (Triangle Caudron) or notecard me if you have any problems or troubles with purchasing my creations in-world or on OnRez. I will try my best to help when i am online ^^*

 Okay, i have to work on the store space now, come visit me a little bit later, i havent put things up yet! >3< Ciao!

*Update: Yay! i finished setting up things, feel free to come by for visit ^^ i also put out my favourite furniture so far at the store, come and chill! *

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