Hello hello peeps :3

I am having a 50% off sale instead of putting out newness, i am busy because of uni projects at the moment so sometimes, i will be away for awhile from SL.

50% SALE only happens at my new mainstore by the way, which is located at { Fragment } the new Aria’s Requiem, check my profile pick for direct TP :3

If i am offline and you are having purchasing problems, just send me a notecard and such and i will get back to you once i hop on. Hope you will still enjoy my sale! ❤ It will last till the next newness coming out, which will be uhhh….so no hurry :3

Btw, you! check out X JAPAN’s new I.V music video ( which is the music vedio for SAW VI as well )); i ve been dying to show this to everyone for a long time since i have undying lub towards X JAPAN >:) They are my favourite band, the only and the last! I Lub them truely truely!

—> http://youtube.com/watch?v=u0-Q25w9si0&feature=related

LUB LUB LUB!! See you soon and enjoy new spring time food shopping!! :3



Hey peeps! ❤

Afterall, another new haunted arrival @ GHOST!

This time, its called Rain…not named after anyone but sorta like a custom made dress for my friend Seereina ❤

GHOST! – Rain is a set of outfits that have 4 different skirt options, long to short/ with or w/o tail, plus it comes with wrist band and two thigh bands. The idea is based on the mix of ballet and lolita in the wasteland, also hint of futur-ish i guess. In this dress, i tried to highlight the textures by using more colors and i think it came out more than i have expected; as usual, even though i am not a mix and matcher, i still prepared more layers options in this.

Me was going to release this way earlier but there was loads of problems on SL and textures failed :D….anyway, finally, the outfits and the ads are nicely done and i am pretty happy with it; i would say this is the best dress i have made so far, i am happy to see my drawing skill improved and abit for the prims!! <333

Anyway, if you have any problems or want to actually see the dress, just pop me an IM, i will be happy to show you when i am online!

Check my picks for store locations direct TP! ❤ —> New store @ Creator Pavillion as well!

Have fun and Good nighty! 😀

Ad: *Update: I just figured out this ad doesnt fit well on my blog, the best is to click it and go to the flickr one*ghost-rain.jpg

hehe let me show you some of Mui’s scary photos i took, i asked her to pose for me right after i finished this as she was there! *Dont kill me 😛

Lub her skin so much and those eyes * /me sighs there are sooo not avaliable anymore 😦



*+*+I have some more photos on flickr wearing this dress, if you are interested go check it out 😀
—> http://www.flickr.com/photos/20096052@N05/2364980037/

 Off to bed! Lub you baibai! ❤


Uhhhhhh…i was going to do new release this weekend, but then my laptop is showing off his attitude and my wacom board is messing with my windows all the time. I just finished reinstall my window and i am trying to fix the drawing board, hopefully i can get something done before next week, or else…might have to wait longer >3< *sighs.

New Release! <3

Hi! Finally new stuff is launching in my store!

I have done 5 outfits just for the fashion shows this weekend, and now i am releasing them.

These 5 outfits will only be avaliable at my sensual production store, and cherry buttons store only

So here is the sensual store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Productions/26/108/26

Cherry buttons: *not offically open yet, will have further notice*

 And here comes the long talk about my stuff:

GHOST! – Valle Dark is a long black gown with uneven long train prim dress, comes with single shoulder top and lacey black shoulder piece to extend the silhouette. And yes, you didnt see it wrong and i didnt mess it up, the skirt should be with 2 different texture. Valle dark is the only dress out of all new release having the stripe gloves included. For other outfits you see, they are just for styling.


GHOST! – Tip is a dress which looks a bit tipped over, it also comes with one prim skirt with half flexi, half not; so you get to photographs something like below, the skirt is tip to one side and stay high up!


GHOST! – Reverse is actually my personal favourite, dont know why, but i am in love with this outfit so much out of all 5 ❤ Its a short crop top combining with short skirt. Comes with 2 different kind of top: one with sheer bits, one without.


And here is GHOST! – Mid dress, the best part about this dress is the unusual look of the prim skirt, and its has sheer texture when makes it look more ghosty.


GHOST! – 7AM is the dress that i finished at 7AM in the early morning; thats how i named it. THere is two version of skirt included in this set: longer or shorter and its a bit flowy than they other ones, so it wont look too heavy on the body.


So thats about it, cant really do much typing lately, been having probelms with my wrist. Anyhow, i hope you will like what i have got. Also , i have created the GHOST! – Haunted Update Group, IM me if you want to join and let mine squat one of your precious 25! This group is still by invite only. Thanks ❤

 That’s it! LUB you bye bye!

 Today, the Glam Magazine Launch had the most awesome, fabulous fashion show i have ever seen in secondlife, as it has been said, its all about glam and chic. The stage designs says it all, as well as the clothes that have been shown.

 As i was lucky enough to see the show myself, i thought i would share my honest thought here.

I am so glad that Minnu invited me to join them at this event and they put up the best of the best show of the whole grid ever. It was a pleasure to have my designs featured; but i was totally jaw dropping when i seen others work, Artilleri,Serene Sensations, Cubic, Muism, Designing Nicky Ree, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Lookr, Paper Couture and Cachet by MMS and Thoran Charron, i think they is no way i can compare.

Out of all, Cachet has catches my eyes the most, it was the best and is my absolute favourite, its chic. (Well, its my personal taste, you dont have to agree). Anyway, during the show, it was all grey and unrezzed people for me, i was so sad that i couldnt see a smooth show *blaming on my laptop*. However, after a crash, everything seems better, i was able to take a shot on the outfit that i LOVELUBLUB the most, and here it is.

 Outfit by Cachet and MMS, Maitreya Modelling by Dendre Benelli


Dendre is just the prefect model for this outfit, it sort of reminds of Karl Largarfeld and Balanciga; they are both my top favourite design in RL. Futuristic clashes with classic black, its taste and class. Maitreya’s new shoes Chichi in Fuchsia totally lights up the whole look. I EXTREMELY LOVE this set, look at the glasses! and i am so going to buy the whole look once they release it, this is totally what i would wear if i have them. I want that hair and skin too and the pose! Iwill wear it till it stinks and never be wearable again! ❤

Below are pictures that i took with Emi, i met Emi at the after party, and she is absolutely cuteness ❤ We took pictures together wearing my own clothes, and i like the way we have same sort of makeup and hair. This is defnitely what i like to do, abit of similarity but of cause indiviuality.

Outfit by GHOST! Skins by MMS, Hair by MMS


Emi is wearing GHOST – Mid, Triangle is wearing GHOST – Babydoll is not dead yet


So thats about it, very short post but i totally have so much fun doing this! ❤

New Release very soon! Thanks for reading! LUB you Bye bye! 😀


Just a reminder ❤

Its NEW SHOOT II show today @ 7PM PDT @ Metro Models, i am so excited! Cant wait to see it and hope to see you guys there as well! LUB! ❤

And, the Metro Models group is pleased to present the 2nd NEW SHOOTS show, featuring GHOST! and Aphrodite Creations.

Sat. February 9th at 7:00 PM SLT and
Sun. February 10th at 12:00 noon SLT.

SLURL: Narcissus Island (204, 171)

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hai Fat Choi! Give me red pocket now you married people! XD

To save my poor wrist from typing words, i will make this short.

GHOST! – Red Mid is a freebie dress to celebrate Our Chinese New Year! Obviously, its my country’s tradtion, and its always better to wear something red red red during the time as it will brings you good health, good luck and good food!


 However, this dress will be taken away after next tuesday, so make sure you come and get it as soon as possible 😀 It will not be on sale in the future either.

I know this is a stupid thing to say, but i think this photo doesnt do my dress justices since i was having problem getting rid of the green :/ As i have said before, i suck at photoshop, so forgive me.

Free dress at GHOST! @ Sensual Production Only.


P.s: This is nothing as a Valentine dress, i dont do Valentine! If you insist, then its a haunted red dress to hunt others down *grins

 That’s about it! Bai bai! 🙂