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Hey peeps! ❤

Afterall, another new haunted arrival @ GHOST!

This time, its called Rain…not named after anyone but sorta like a custom made dress for my friend Seereina ❤

GHOST! – Rain is a set of outfits that have 4 different skirt options, long to short/ with or w/o tail, plus it comes with wrist band and two thigh bands. The idea is based on the mix of ballet and lolita in the wasteland, also hint of futur-ish i guess. In this dress, i tried to highlight the textures by using more colors and i think it came out more than i have expected; as usual, even though i am not a mix and matcher, i still prepared more layers options in this.

Me was going to release this way earlier but there was loads of problems on SL and textures failed :D….anyway, finally, the outfits and the ads are nicely done and i am pretty happy with it; i would say this is the best dress i have made so far, i am happy to see my drawing skill improved and abit for the prims!! <333

Anyway, if you have any problems or want to actually see the dress, just pop me an IM, i will be happy to show you when i am online!

Check my picks for store locations direct TP! ❤ —> New store @ Creator Pavillion as well!

Have fun and Good nighty! 😀

Ad: *Update: I just figured out this ad doesnt fit well on my blog, the best is to click it and go to the flickr one*ghost-rain.jpg

hehe let me show you some of Mui’s scary photos i took, i asked her to pose for me right after i finished this as she was there! *Dont kill me 😛

Lub her skin so much and those eyes * /me sighs there are sooo not avaliable anymore 😦



*+*+I have some more photos on flickr wearing this dress, if you are interested go check it out 😀
—> http://www.flickr.com/photos/20096052@N05/2364980037/

 Off to bed! Lub you baibai! ❤


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New Release! <3

Hi! Finally new stuff is launching in my store!

I have done 5 outfits just for the fashion shows this weekend, and now i am releasing them.

These 5 outfits will only be avaliable at my sensual production store, and cherry buttons store only

So here is the sensual store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Productions/26/108/26

Cherry buttons: *not offically open yet, will have further notice*

 And here comes the long talk about my stuff:

GHOST! – Valle Dark is a long black gown with uneven long train prim dress, comes with single shoulder top and lacey black shoulder piece to extend the silhouette. And yes, you didnt see it wrong and i didnt mess it up, the skirt should be with 2 different texture. Valle dark is the only dress out of all new release having the stripe gloves included. For other outfits you see, they are just for styling.


GHOST! – Tip is a dress which looks a bit tipped over, it also comes with one prim skirt with half flexi, half not; so you get to photographs something like below, the skirt is tip to one side and stay high up!


GHOST! – Reverse is actually my personal favourite, dont know why, but i am in love with this outfit so much out of all 5 ❤ Its a short crop top combining with short skirt. Comes with 2 different kind of top: one with sheer bits, one without.


And here is GHOST! – Mid dress, the best part about this dress is the unusual look of the prim skirt, and its has sheer texture when makes it look more ghosty.


GHOST! – 7AM is the dress that i finished at 7AM in the early morning; thats how i named it. THere is two version of skirt included in this set: longer or shorter and its a bit flowy than they other ones, so it wont look too heavy on the body.


So thats about it, cant really do much typing lately, been having probelms with my wrist. Anyhow, i hope you will like what i have got. Also , i have created the GHOST! – Haunted Update Group, IM me if you want to join and let mine squat one of your precious 25! This group is still by invite only. Thanks ❤

 That’s it! LUB you bye bye!

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Yay! I am one of the lucky person who got offered a free shop at Sensual Productions for about three months! While i am very excited about it, i am working on the set up again in slow motion ❤

Here is the new temporary store SLURL:


 And yes, i havent been releasing anything lately, but its not because i am terribly lazy; i am working on new stuff for the NEW SHOOTII show organised by Metro Models!! Once again, thank you Alaska for choosing me to do the new shoot show, mwah mwah!! Free hugs, anyone? ^^

Anyhow going back to work now 😀 Come and shop at Sensual Production now!!!

p.s: the store at Aria Reqiuem is still on, as well as OnRez store!



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Hi again, i come up with another release.

GHOST! – Babydoll is not dead yet

Yet again, another babydoll release, it comes with 2 version of skirt: first one is normal kind with neat edges; the other one is a longer version plus unbalance skirt form. As always, option layers for the top, glitch pants and bla bla bla.

mmm, babydoll (in anykind) is a big trend in SL and RL, it seriously wont die, i am sure about this O..O. But since i always end up doing babydoll for all the release so far, so i think i am starting to get bored of it. This will be the last babydoll dresses that i made at least for awhile.

All items are no Transfer Only.

This can be purchase either at my store at Aria Requiem or OnRez:



P.S: Main point is at the back, the back! ❤
Anywho, oh and also, i am trying to play with the ad look, want to make them look more finish and neat and absolutely like mine. So please dont mind if you find this one looks different than the others :/ more of differnt ones will be coming up as well 🙂
Yay! that’s it 🙂 Ciao ❤

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 Yay! New release again at GHOST! ❤

This time is not for fabulous girls but for the guys, this release is my first garment for the male GHOST!’s line collection

Anyway, yes here it is:

GHOST! – M1 is a kind of motorcycler-like vest with 2 wearing options: One just the vest itself, the other one is wearing white-shirt underneath. It comes with high collars as well, there’s different jacket bottoms, i assume you can figure it out anyway.

Please keep in mind, this item only includes the vest and the white-shirt options, other accessories and clothes belongs to my model. Glad Lawless agreed to be the models for my ad, so i dont have to use the weird guy in my inventory.

All items are No Transfer Only.

You can purchase my items through my store at Aria Requiem:


 or on my OnRez Store:


Anyhow, i talked too much so just check out the photo:

That’s it for today, Thanks for reading

Yay! Goodnight and Bye ❤

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Yoho! Yes yes..its me again, having new release for GHOST! 3

So today I have GHOST! – Antique

[GHOST! – Antqiue] is a set of baby doll dresses with single strap sleeveless top (Yes, i LOVE single strap more than anything else), either wearing in single layer or double layer; mix and match, mix and match bla bla bla. Besides that, this is the first time that i used colors other than black, since the black version of Antique was a speical edition to the SHINE charity event^^with even more extra wearing options. And for these 2 dresses, i have improve the textures, as well as the cut for it.

You can purchase my items from my store at Aria Requiem:

Or from my OnRez Store as usual:)

So Let me show you the photos:
As always, its coming with different packs options.

GHOST! – Antique Kera ( Pink-ish dead red)

GHOST! – Antique Rott (Light green-ish blue)

GHOST! – Antique Combo ( Comes with both Kera and Rott colors)

After this release tonight, i wont be releasing that fast like i did before, i will try to work on everything slowly, so i get to improve the textures, constructions of my creations more^^.

That’s it! Good Night and Ciao! 3

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Hiya people! ^^ This time is a rather causal and simple release:

[GHOST! – Lag] is just a simple set of shinny middle unbalance sleevesless tops with black mini-skirt; the design for the tops totally gives a big boobs effect *me think*.

All comes with Jacket Layer (main), shirt and underhirt, which is good for mix and matching.

All items are no Transfer only.

There is different package:

First one is only included color Black (shadow).

Second pack comes with all two Black and Grey color (Shadow and Fade ), as well as a bonus color Red.

If you like it, you can purchase it from my in-world store at Aria Requiem:(SLURL here)


Or from my OnRez Store:^^


That’s it for tonight, another release coming tomorror *should.

Ciao and Good Night! ❤

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