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Hello hello peeps :3

I am having a 50% off sale instead of putting out newness, i am busy because of uni projects at the moment so sometimes, i will be away for awhile from SL.

50% SALE only happens at my new mainstore by the way, which is located at { Fragment } the new Aria’s Requiem, check my profile pick for direct TP :3

If i am offline and you are having purchasing problems, just send me a notecard and such and i will get back to you once i hop on. Hope you will still enjoy my sale! ❤ It will last till the next newness coming out, which will be uhhh….so no hurry :3

Btw, you! check out X JAPAN’s new I.V music video ( which is the music vedio for SAW VI as well )); i ve been dying to show this to everyone for a long time since i have undying lub towards X JAPAN >:) They are my favourite band, the only and the last! I Lub them truely truely!

—> http://youtube.com/watch?v=u0-Q25w9si0&feature=related

LUB LUB LUB!! See you soon and enjoy new spring time food shopping!! :3



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